Meet Our Staff – Lake Forest Express Wash

Alex Yari: Owner
Alex has been in the car wash and gasoline industry for over 25 years. He brings over 25 years of experience in the industry to the Lake Forest Express Wash. He acquired the Lake Forest Express Wash, formerly Bake Hand Car Wash, in February of 2019 and immediately set out to make it the premier facility in the Orange County area. Dedicated to providing quality Chevron gasoline at the most competitive prices possible and quick, friendly, quality car washing service on every visit, you will often see him at the site working and thinking of new ways to make his customer’s purchasing experience the best possible.

Nelson Linares : General Manager
Nelson comes to Lake Forest Express Wash with over twenty seven years of experience in the service station and convenience store business and ten years in the carwash industry. Nelson is a dedicated to the happiness and satisfaction of the customers. He is responsible for the operations of this business.

Andre Jones : Car Wash Manager
Andre has worked at Lake Forest Express Wash for many years, and has worked his way up to Car Wash manager. He strives to give his customers a pleasant experience. He is responsible to provide quality service in a timely manner, all while making sure the equipment is working in top condition. If you have any questions regarding car wash services, please feel free to speak with Andre.

Best Car Wash in Lake Forest, CA
At Lake Forest Express Wash, we care about the environment as much as your car’s shine. That’s why we use a cutting-edge water recycling system, making us the most water-efficient car wash in the area. Imagine: crystal-clear water, reused and filtered, never harming our precious waterways. Our system only activates when your car is present, minimizing waste. It’s even more efficient than washing your car at home! But our commitment to sustainability doesn’t stop there. We also maintain state-of-the-art gasoline facilities, exceeding industry standards to minimize emissions. It’s all part of being a leader in the industry and a friend to our planet.